Our Blog:

Roy: Group Leader
Adrian: Graphic Designer
Hyun Seong: Director 
Ashiwin: Product Designer 

What's Going on?
As Group leader of the RAHA group i am responsible to keep people informed about what is going on:

Day One: Thursday 4th November 2010
Everybody in our group has been working very hard and is making very good progress.
Everybody is on task and we are now deciding our logo for our company. Adrian is working on our Logo, while Ahsiwn is designing our Acrylite. Hyun Seong on the other hand is working on our Advertisement. We are all above Schedule and are now on our second stage in completing our Acrylite. We have Decided that our color of our Product Design shall be black and dark blue. 

Day Two:
We have planned what we will do today and this is what we are going to do:
Adrian: Going to use Google Sketchup to design the acrylite
Hyun Seong: Going to work on our advertisement movie. 
Ashwin: Working on our Box
Roy: Going to help Hyun Seong with our Advertisement movie

Day Three: 
This is what were going to do today:
Ashwin: Going to finish the box
Adrian: Will be finalizing our design on google Sketchup 
Hyun Seong: Try to finish the movie advertisement
Roy: Going to help everybody else

How is our progress now:
Ashwin: Has done a fantastic job finishing the box, I personally think that he has done a fabulous job
Adrian: Has finished finalizing       

Day Four: 
Adrian is now using Coreldrawer so that we can use the laser cutter to cut our acrylite design.
Ashwin is now going to help Adrian use Coreldrawer.
Hyun Seong and Roy have finished the advertisement

Our Progress:
Now we have finished our advertisement and made the box outline. Adrian has finished using Coreldrawer to make our design of our acrylite so we just need to use the laser cut to get our acrylite's cutted out.

Day Five: 
Adrian Is now going cutting out the acrylite we designed, with the laser cutter (Which has been fixed)
Ashwin is now finishing our box 
Hyun Seong is unfortunately  sick today
Roy is going to try to help Adrian finish the acrylite 

Our Progress:
We are really near completion of our projection.

Day six
Ashwin is redoing the box because the previous box had too many rips, and is not neat.
Adrian is drawing the RAHA logo and helping Ashwin with the box
Hyun Seong was sick last time and didn't finish his acrylite. But he managed to finish it this lesson thanks to Roy's assistant. 

Our Progress:
Hyun Seong has finished the advertisement completely while Ashwin finished the box. 
This is a picture of Adrian and Ashwin 
Here is  a picture of Adrian and Ashwin working 
Here is a picture of Roy and Hyun Seong making a acrylite.
Day Seven:
Today is the presenting day!
Everyone has finished what they have to do, the only thing that we have to finish is the presentation, which Adrian is doing, while everyone else is finalalising things to make it look better

Adrian Working on the website